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Crystal Heart Jewelry for Locs

Choose your size and favorite crystal color. Symmetric pair available.

Crystal Heart for Dreads or Braids

hole size
Crystal color
One or Pair
Crystal Heart copper jewelry for locs
- It's the way to expess yourself
- To tell how you feel to the whole world or just to someone special
- To personalize your locs and celebrate your Locs Journey!

Add it to your dreads, braids or twists and feel uniquely styled with this hair embellishment.
- it's Hand-Made, you'll never meet in a store nothing like this
- Made especially to meet your personal size
- Your favorite crystal color
- Carefully packed in a handmade box, ships gift-ready
- Positive vibes, gratitude and + + + karma points for you included :-)

The bead is about 2" long (5.5 cm) and please choose the width of your dreads from the options, so I can craft it exactly to match your personal size.
I'm sorry, I do not offer smaller hole size for this design, because the beads is rather heavy, so it can damage thinner dreads or braids.

Metal hair accessories do not need any special care. Copper normally darkens with time, then please use polishing cloth to restore the shine.

Crystal colors available

Order your custom Loc Jewelry and have something made especially for you!

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